In certain times of the year, the Hotel Fazenda Igarapés promotes theme parties, like the “Saint John Party”, “Carnival” and “Réveillon”.

The “Saint John Party” is a huge tradition in Brazil. It is a tradition for us as well, happening for more than 20 years in here. Since before becoming a Hotel, our Ranch gathered family and friends for celebrating this Festival. Our event is one of the most traditional “Saint John Party” which you can ever experience in Brazil. Special "party food" made in the Hotel, games, live Brazilian Country music and a lot of dancing. Normally the The “Saint John Part” happens in June, but here we usually celebrate it in June, July and August. Guest are encouraged to wear the traditional country style clothes and hats.

The Réveillon is the “New Year Party” with fireworks and live music. It is a Brazilian tradition to wear white clothes for this Event.

The Brazilian Carnival changes a lot depending on where it is celebrated. The Rio the Janeiro Carnival is probably the most famous in Brazil, but all the States have different parties styles. Here we try to bring back the Minas Gerais Carnival style. The Carnival Happens at the same time of "Fat Tuesday" (Mardi Gras Day) in US (February or March).  


Inspiring business happens in inspiring locations. Great green areas and close contact with the nature make the Hotel Fazenda Igarapés a special place for Corporate Events: Celebrations, Corporate Training or Conferences. We are in a great location, just 45 minutes from Belo Horizonte City or 80 Minutes from Belo Horizonte International Airport (CNF). The access is very good, through the BR-381 road. So whether you want to stay in, or get out, we’re sure you’ll enjoy every minute of your conference with us.


Picture yourself and your loved ones celebrating a beautiful Wedding in a stunning nature location, surrounded by Tropical Gardens, in the heart of the Brazil Hill Country. Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies and celebrations are becoming a trend. Indeed, it is amazing. The Hotel Fazenda Igarapés can offer the proper location, food for this event, and also lodging for part of the guests. Think about getting married in a Traditional Brazilian Tropical Ranch.